Bookshelves as Stairs, Artists’ Residence, New York City

BSC Architects, Photographs: Andy Ryan

That’s one way to get me to fall down stairs an inordinate number of times.

Bring on the hyperventilation. This is the best damn thing I’ve ever seen!


Hope Floats

A self-taught designer embarks upon a solo mission to resuscitate a 19th-century homestead.

In 2002, when Tom Givone bought a toppling 200-year-old farmhouse peeling with outdated neon blue paint, his new neighbors in upstate New York advised chucking it straight into a pit in the house’s equally rundown backyard. Instead, the experience helped define the homeowner-turned-contractor’s love of the picturesque and channel it into a newfound talent for renovation.

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Pio Manzù, Cronotime, on the cover of german design magazine form, 1969. For Ritz-Italora, 1968-70s. Alessi 1988-2002

The clock was launched 1966, initially designed as a promotional product for Fiat. The three parts are flexible and open to all forms. Manzù was a student of the HfG Ulm, Germany. Cover via Flickr, B/W Source


IBM’s clever billboards double as ramps, benches and shelters

Source: Fastcodesign

Small world, cool world

I used to work with this dude back in my corporate real estate days. Whenever a holiday, special occasion, or random Tuesday arose, this dude would walk into the office toting a messenger bag on one arm while balancing trays of treats and snacks with the other. 

"It’s from my girlfriend," he would explain, setting out the trays for co-workers to indulge. "She loves cooking, baking, and making all of this stuff."

Girlfriend had a flair with food + presentation. I’m talking homemade cinnamon chips paired with an assortment of sweet and savory salsas, chocolate dipped biscotti and caramel coated pretzels, towers of whoopie pies with buttercream fillings, Christmas cookies that were painstakingly decorated with silver sprinkles and gold-dust icing. 

It was cool to see something so simple (snacks!) prepared with such love. Funny how when the passion is right there, you can literally see the difference in effort and execution. Plus who doesn’t love free delicious food in the middle of the day?!

I should mention that I eventually met Girlfriend when she came into our office one day to show off her very cute and very new puppy. She was pleasant and sweet and our exchange was simple as that. 

So anyway.
Time has passed.
I had a baby, moved, and peaced-out on that job.
Life has moved on.

Around the blogosphere (through reblogging, blog-hopping, blog name-dropping, blog hyperlinking, etc) I’ve heard rumblings of this cool (online) shop called Waiting on Martha.

Hmmm…I thought, Cute name. I should check that out. 

And when I finally clicked on a link and pulled up the website, there she was…Girlfriend! She opened her own business and runs an online shop with corresponding lifestyle blog. Oh, and obviously her name is not Girlfriend- it’s Mandy Kellogg Rye. She married that dude I worked with, moved to Atlanta, and when I finally put all of this together…

I was just so freaking happy for her. We’re not friends, nor even acquaintances, but there is just something really lovely about seeing someone chase a dream into reality. 

Nice work, Martha.

Smile…the weekend is here!

Smile…the weekend is here!

Impractical furniture fantasies: oversized tufted ottoman edition.

Let’s all lounge and lean while wearing dry clean only clothes.

Impractical furniture fantasies: oversized tufted ottoman edition.

Let’s all lounge and lean while wearing dry clean only clothes.


Hotelier Ian Schrager and Marriott introduce London Edition, a new hotel that evokes moody, Belle Epoque glamour.

Something to make your Monday more beautiful.

Traffic + dentist this morning. After polishing up my pearly whites, I strolled down Huron to make my way to the parking garage…and then I saw the veritable candy store that is Jonathan Adler.  

I don’t love the word ‘swoon’ but in this case? There was major swooning.

Back when Wells was about a week and half old, we took him to this very store because we were renovating our home in the burbs and crushing madly on the Meurice Rectangle Chandelier. We did not pull the trigger so this modern, spunky fixture remains high on our coveted list for home improvements. 

After visiting and salivating at my fave light, I walked around the store taking in every delightful aroma, color, and texture on display. Everything is so fun, so kitschy, and so lovely, that I could have hung out there all morning. While the light fixture is still not in the budget, I was alerted to their Friends & Family sale going on now so I snagged this Big Sur Candle for $24 and called it a day.

P.S. Did you catch that inscription on the shopping bag? I’m still chuckling. 

Gimme that light fixture!

Gimme that light fixture!