What happens when your girlfriend works for Mars Candy.

(that is a medium-sized moving box!)

What happens when your girlfriend works for Mars Candy.

(that is a medium-sized moving box!)

Me + Itsy Bitsy Spider went trick-or-treating in Highland Park’s business district because candy is delicious and pumpkins are fun to point at. The whole event was cute to the tenth power.

But I have learned that this whole trick-or-treating business has most definitely changed since I was a kid. Example: There was a band. There were pony rides (Wells screamed when I tried to put him on the pony, and preferred to just pet her mane instead). Upon walking by the town’s movie theater, there was a dj, huge bags of movie theater popcorn, and characters singing and dancing. AND (I have not even gotten to the awesome part yet)…as we walked past, Wells was handed a mini bag brimming with treats, and I was handed a reusable shopping tote and told, "This is for you, Mom."

Inside my Halloween swag bag was a small glass beer stein (nod to Oktoberfest), samples of L’Occitane, variety of breath mint tins, sanitizing wipes for hands, Chipotle coupons, and discounts at local stores (Francesca’s; Jamba Juice). 

I walked away sort of stunned and impressed. Awesome, right?

Wells doesn’t quite get the whole candy thing, but he loved noshing a mini-bag of pretzels and smearing an orange lollipop all over his face. I felt wild surges of joy watching him trot giddily down Central Street with his little plastic pumpkin full of treats. His smile was so pure and his imagination was flying high.

I cannot wait to do it again next week! 

Pressed shirts + Spring prints
Baskets + candies
Faith + love

Happy Easter!

Today was all about patterns, prints, pieces of candy, and the Picasso exhibit.

(with some Rothko for good measure)

Like candy. 

Like candy. 

This happened…

-I badgered a Walgreens employee over a mixup with my photo order. After insisting loudly and passionately that I need not be additionally charged, the dude just gave me my stuff and sent me on my way. When I got home and reviewed receipts and such…methinks the dude may have been right. Sorry, Walgreens dude.

-The fireplace doors in my living room are an awful brassy color…or at least they were until I paint them black today. Cross your fingers that I don’t completely screw this project up.

-We FINALLY got around to packing up our mini co-sleeper and lamb swing today. They haven’t been used in many months and were collecting dust in our guest room. As I folded down and disassembled, I felt a twinge of sadness. I mean…this was my son’s first  wee bed! And that lamb swing was our go-to for naps for a good three months. Part of me is curious too: When will we need these items again?

-I bought new bedding and sheets today. Did I ever mention that my husband sleeps with FIVE pillows? (He is the Mariah Carey of sleep). I sleep with one…which makes for a grand total of six pillow cases needed. Excessive, yes?

-I bought a bag of Halloween candy today and put it in a bowl on our entryway table. I hope there is actually some left by tomorrow.