Junk mail is so annoying, amiright?

Well yesterday I briefly glanced at a magazine that had arrived, and with a quick narrowing of the eyes, I dismissed it as crap. As I walked across my kitchen to toss it in the trash, the cover photo caught my attention…a beautiful coastline complete with red-topped inn + lighthouse in one of those places on my ‘to travel’ list.

Hmmm…well maybe I would just take a peek.

While Wells sat in his high chair eating salmon and pasta (leftovers!), I sat on an adjacent bar stool, perusing the pages of this glossy read, the pages thick and vibrant. This was not a regular magazine, and definitely not one we subscribe to. A quick glance at the cover indicated that we received it based on Fitz being a rewards member for a specific bank/credit card. Weird, but fine.

"Ohhhhh…OH!" Wells shrieked, pointing to the magazine and smiling. He was entranced by the full-page, scenic landscapes that were unfolding, and his little eyes remained focused as I turned each page. I quickly understood what all the excitement was about- the photos and content were luminous!

I saw one photo of Maine that made me want to book an airline ticket that very minute. I read a fascinating James Beard piece that broadened my understanding of this very cool culinary icon (did you know that you can dine at his townhouse in New York?!). And Wells clapped his hands excitedly when I got to the pages that showed horses roaming around Aspen, and the great Northeast colored in glorious hues of Fall. 

Reading this left me brimming with inspiration…for writing, for travel, for dining, and for transporting my imagination on an otherwise cold and rainy Thursday. And to think that I almost threw it away without a second thought…what other things have I missed out on because I judged too quick?

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