The Miss = my childhood nickname
Q = my middle initial 

Hello, I’m Kelly. I’m a writer by nature (a born passion) and by nurture (B.A., Journalism), and I’m currently seeking literary representation. Two years ago, I left a successful-but-thankless career in corporate America to move to the suburbs and raise my son, Wells, along with my husband Fitz. From city mouse to country mouse, the transitional experience was both jarring and awesome.

So what do I write? Mainly grocery lists, Amazon reviews, and fragments. Also:

Memoir: 28,000 words completed, Book Proposal in process (think huge-ass persuasive paper with a side of marketing plan)

Short Essays: Dry, weird humor, generally about terrible life decisions I made or the time I was thrown down an inflatable evacuation slide because the aircraft caught on fire (people seem to love that story…I could do without it).

Children’s Books: Two completed, primarily because the stuff I was reading to my son was absolute garbage. I know not everything can be Goodnight Moon or The Giving Tree, but COME ON. Manuscript is finished, seeking illustration.